maite albuquerque

Propel electrolytes

maite albuquerque
Propel electrolytes
Creative Director/Design Director: 
Maite Albuquerque
Sera Lee, Hoang Truong, Ben Clark
3d Artist: David Mcleod

Propel Electrolytes 

Propel came to us with a problem. People didn’t know that their flavored water had the same amount of electrolytes as Gatorade, the famous athletic beverage from their PepsiCo Family.

They needed a visual identity that illustrated that they were more than “plain water”. A visual representation that could flex for years and be used in multiple campaigns and diverse activations. We needed something simple, so we focus on the clearest representation of water: a drop. How could a drop full of electrolytes look? 

We created fluid active drops that had a slightly metallic sheen. They were transparent like water, but they cast the color of the background that represented the diverse flavors.

We then launched the “How Gatorade does water” campaign. Where the drops were used to illustrate a water that is full of action.


The language also came to life in Propel fitness event called Colabs.

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