maite albuquerque

Google Year in Search

maite albuquerque
 Google Year in Search


The questions we ask reveal who we are. 

Creative Directors: 
Paul Nguyen, Chiyong Jones
Will Tran, Dave Carlson
Maite Albuquerque, Nick Marx

With one of the biggest voices of 2015 driving the narrative, this film highlights the year’s events and the questions they inspired. A snapshot of news, culture, and trending Google searches, it offers insight into what’s important to us all. And in doing so, it helps you make an emotional connection with Google. The film launched in late December, targeting most viewers on New Year’s Eve to help them reflect on the year and look to the possibilities ahead.

Instead of writing an anthemic manifesto to portrait the year we decided to use a real piece of voiceover that was made and could simbolize 2015.

We started a big research looking for the biggest voice of 2015. Luckily for us many inspiring speeches were made thru the year specially Caitlyn Jenner's ESPY Awards acceptance words. 
Thru the film we showed trending Google searches that really portrait who we are and what’s important to us all. We wanted to show how the questions we asked depict the changes that were happening in culture and inside each and one of us.



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